Made of stone, wood

and earth.

The cellar

The cellar and the territory

Antigori winery is located in a building inspired by Campidano typical courts.
The inner courtyard was paved by hand through ages, using manually squared stone; from there you can have access to the various zones, the cellar itself and the hospitality area.

The whole building was made of local stone and recovered clay bricks; the roof is layered with recovered typical Sardinian tiles, all hand made and lain on the typical wooden frame.
The result is that natural insulation keeps the temperature constant even on the hottest summer days or during particularly cold winter.

The cellar

Wine matures in beauty

The Antigori winery perfectly sets into its environment, in accordance with the surrounding nature and in coherence with the Antigori project, developed along with the concepts of maximum environmental sustainability and territory valorisation.

The interior of the cellar is amazing; its wine tanks have been designed for Antigori, with inlays of burnished hammered steel.
Concrete tanks have also been designed exclusively for the cellar.

Total Traceability

Antigori winery grants the traceability of every single bottle along every stage of its life. Since the harvest day, maps are made about the grapes, where they were collected in the estate and therefore other information is processed such as the age of the vineyards, the altitude, exposure and type of land. Then, all the steps in the cellar, up to the bottle that the final customer holds in his hand.

And what’s amazing in it, is that all the information can be read through the talking labels, just by pointing a smartphone to the bottle.

Turning to innovation is essential part of Antigori project. This is seen as the way to ensure transparency, accessibility, respect, protection of its territory and production.

The constant turning to innovation lines up with the feeling of getting back to the territory and to the population. This is central to the Antigori’s main idea.