The new chapter
of a great story.

The new chapter of a great story

The story begins as far as in 1932, when the largest farming company in Sardinia was founded under the name of Cardile company, which ran from the Conti Vecchi saltworks to Villasor.
8800 hectares cultivated by a modern, extremely advanced and far-sighted growing and farming system. Mr. Cardile was an enlightened entrepreneur long way ahead in his methods and vision.
Under his guidance, almond trees, vines, orchards and horticultural crops came quickly planted.
He supported the activity of transformation and sale in local markets, bringing machines and skilled labor to the place.
The company was divided into lots as huge as 10 to 20 hectares using cypress trees as dividing fences and windbreaks.
Above all, Cardile had a quite innovative social vision: he built a church, a school, lodgings for his workers and for the community doctor; the company employed between 500 to 1000 people depending on the seasons.
He called the company “Baccalamanza” first, then afterwards “Sulloi” from its geographic location, finally it became “Su Spantu” which in Sardinian is the word for “awe”, “wonder” .

Unfortunately, the whole business was short-lived: in the 50’s, the workforce began to desert the countryside, attracted by opportunities that the ongoing industrialization seemed to ensure. People went to work in large factories, therefore causing the availability of labor forces to collapse and creating a considerable shortage of cash. At that point, it became necessary for Mr Cardile to sell the company;
The company subsequently changed hands. It was handed to two or three different owners, including Bastoggi, who started the allotment.
When Romano Fanti, who had estates in Tuscany, nearby Siena, in the Brunello area, bought the estate, he brought along with him Giacomo Tachis, who was already visiting Sardinia for the Argiolas and Santadi estates.
Mr. Tachis, one of the founding fathers of Italian Enology, took care of the first vineyard plantation. Today our wines benefit from the vision of this great enologist, who was able to enhance Sardinian viticulture by giving life to products communicating the territory and its people.

Finally in recent times it was purchased by the current property, under the name of “Azienda Agricola Baccalamanza” from its territorial name. It is through the current corporate structure that the rebirth of these lands is beginning, following the path left by the engineer Mr. Cardile: an enormous care for the environment, a social, inclusive vision, with the concept of giving back to Sardinia a company as precious as a gem.